Evergreen was founded by John Janitz and Dominick Schiano in 2007 to leverage its founders unique combination of experiences…managing Fortune 100 public companies, sponsor owned private companies as well as leading a private equity firm with $1 billion of assets under management. The partners have direct experience in a wide variety of industries including automotive and transportation, capital goods, aerospace and defense, metals and mining, logistics, electronics, distribution, cleantech and general industrial and manufacturing. They have successfully led companies in high growth as well as deep distress situations and have extensive international experience, having had responsibility for businesses in the U.S., Europe (including Central Europe), the Middle East, Africa and Asia, with a long successful history of investing and operating in China. Both partners have extensive M&A experience. The partners have developed a wide network of contacts throughout the globe and have a strong track record of sourcing proprietary investment opportunities for its partners.


  • Credit Suisse – DLJ Merchant Banking Partners 2007-2010
  • TowerBrook Capital Partners LP 2010-2011
  • The Gores Group 2011- Present View Website


  • Numerous prior Board representations for Questor Partners Funds,  Credit Suisse – DLJ Merchant Banking Partners, and JP Morgan Partners (now CCMP)
  • TPG Growth Partners – Hilex Poly LLC (Prior)
  • Blackford Capital – Davalor Mold (Prior)
  • Great Range Capital Partners – LLL Transport Inc and Realm (Prior)
  • The Gores Group – Sage Automotive Interiors, Scovill Fasteners, National Envelope Corp, Tweddle Group (Prior) US Farathane (Prior) and TurbineAero (Current)
  • Highland Avenue Capital Partners – Aerostar Logistics (Prior)
  • Stoic Holdings – Store It Cold (Prior)
  • Auxo Capital Partners – Telos Global, Avon Machining, Prestige Stamping and Securit Rivets – (Current)
  • SnowPeak Capital – Dalco/GFT Holdings (Current)
  • Pacific Avenue Capital Partners – Purflex Filtration (Current)


  • Evergreen has participated in investments totaling over $22 billion since its founding in 2007 including the $2.3 billion Hostess Brands transaction introduced to Gores Holdings (SPAC) in 2016, the $2.4 billion Verra Mobility, Gores Holdings II (SPAC) transaction in 2018 and the $16 billion United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) introduced to Gores Holdings IV (SPAC) transaction announced in September 2020. The UWM merger set the record for the largest SPAC deal announced to date.